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Noise-Lock® Acoustic Windows

Thousands of IAC Noise-Lock® acoustic windows have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world. Typical applications include hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, broadcasting studios, nightclubs, museums, test cells, laboratories, plant rooms, and power stations — in fact virtually any situation where sound must be contained within or excluded whilst still maintaining visibility.

Engineered Advantages

IAC Acoustics produces an engineered system — custom-designed in-house to suit the required opening of any given project. Utilising precision laser cutting and state-of-the-art fabrication, all IAC acoustic windows are simple to assemble on site by our network of highly experienced installation crews.

Noise-Lock® acoustic windows are laboratory-tested for performance in both IAC’s own R&D facilities and independent laboratories, further supported by installed site testing and engineering calculations for custom specifications. IAC Acoustics is renowned for quality, durability and guarantees in-field performance.

Performance and Flexibility

IAC Acoustics offers a comprehensive range of products designed for architectural, industrial and security applications.  IAC’s range of high performance acoustic windows facilitate requirements for visual contact, assessment or inspection between a viewing control room and live rooms or areas.  From factories to music studios the applications are endless.  With the added benefits of Integrity and Insulation of fire and a matching acoustic doors range, the complete solution to connecting your working environment is available.

IAC Noise-Lock® Acoustic windows feature:

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