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Audiology Booths/Test Rooms

Hearing Screening Booths

Single occupancy audiology booths providing a controlled acoustic environment in which hearing screening can be undertaken efficiently at low cost, whilst complying with ISO 8253-1:2010.

Standard Audiology Booths

IAC modular audiometric/audiology booths are available in a wide range of sizes, acoustic performance, configuration and can be finished to suit individual requirements. All Audiology booths are constructed from 102mm thick IAC Noishield panels and offer a fitting environment for a whole range of audiological investigations and measurements, including bone conduction tests, speech therapy and psychological evaluations. A range of standard suites comprising test room and control room is also available.

Custom Audiology Rooms

IAC Acoustics specialise in the design and installation of bespoke audiology booths & test rooms providing custom solutions to solve a client's particular architectural and aesthetic issues. A turnkey approach is adopted on many projects where IAC undertakes associated works which have a bearing on the acoustic performance of a facility such as air conditioning systems, complete design flexibility, electrical services, specialist wiring and interior decoration.

Mobile Audiology

IAC mobile audiology facilities provide employers with an ideal environment with which to meet their healthcare screening needs. IAC mobile audiology booth facilities are adaptable to other healthcare screening procedures such as x-ray, lung function, skin checks, Hand Arm Vibration Assessment (HAVS) and vision testing.

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