Draken Europe – Bournemouth Airport UK

IAC Aviation recently completed a recommissioning project for Draken Europe, located at Bournemouth Airport in the UK.

IAC originally built and commissioned the CF700 Engine Test Facility in 1990, but the lack of use in more recent years and coastal corrosive environment had lead to heavy decay to the point of the facility being completely unusable.  A new revenue stream necessitated the facility to be brought back to life and IAC were contracted to assess the facility, recommend and complete essential repairs and upgrades to return the test facility to active service.

In the words of the Aviation Design engineer at the time:

In all my days at IAC, I have not seen an exhaust system in worse condition!



Searches of IAC’s archives uncovered historic drawing information for repair schemes previously carried out with key geometric dimensions recorded, providing baseline data to work from. Being a refurbishment of an aviation test cell, it is critical to respect the original geometry of the exhaust system and its components to ensure aerodynamic performance is maintained as per the original design. Changes in the geometry can affect aerodynamic performance and have knock on effects on the engine pass off data.

Once stripped to the skeleton, an assessment of the remaining steelwork and survey of the geometry was completed and replacement components and repair processes identified and implemented. Low level column corrosion was identified and treated for preservation and a new concrete ring-beam cast in-situ to encapsulate the column bases to provide additional structural improvements, with new concrete blast basket supports also being cast in-situ to replace the old, cracked structure – designed by our Aviation civil consultant partners AKS Ward.

A new full height IAC acoustic lining was designed using 3D CAD and installed to create a new exhaust stack, complete with improved maintenance access door and a new exhaust blast basket designed and manufactured by Cullum Detuners. The exhaust stack was topped off with a new set of IAC Acoustic silencers and the original external cladding re-instated to complete the refurbishment works.

Inside the test cell and control room, IAC provided a complete new data acquisition system, comprising of National Instruments acquisition hardware and and IAC developed LabView based software program (ADAS). New instrumentation wiring and electrical controls were installed and the control desk was given a make-over with new rack mount flat screen displays and PC systems, bringing the facility up to date and ready for engine testing.




IAC Acoustics have also offered complete maintenance and support contract for the refurbished IAC equipment and data acquisition system, covering routine inspections, data system calibration to keep the facility in top condition for years to come.

IAC can address all your engine test facility needs – whether it be new build, refurbishment, upgrades or adaptation of existing equipment for additional engine types.  From Concept, through to commissioning, IAC have the expertise to provide the solution you need.

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