Mining, Data Centre and Power Generation — News Round-Up, November 2022

Here are some of the stories that caught our attention across the mining, power generation and data centre industries over the past month, including how a major investment could boost power grids, a forecast that’s good news for data centre providers, and a green breakthrough for mining vehicles… 


Airtrunk’s sustainable plan for Microsoft data centres

Airtrunk, the company that designs and builds some of the largest data centres in the Asia-Pacific region, has announced a plan to power Microsoft’s facilities using renewable energy from landfill gas, in a first-of-its-kind agreement with CLP Power.  


Green engine breakthrough for industrial trucks

Engineers at UNSW Sydney have successfully converted a diesel engine to run on 90% hydrogen in a development that could reduce the CO2 emissions of trucks and power equipment in the transportation, agriculture and mining industries. Each retrofit is said to take less than a couple of months. 


 The cloud’s $3 trillion silver lining

Great news for data centres: research from McKinsey forecasts that businesses embracing the cloud stand to generate $3 trillion in value over the next decade, representing an important and attractive opportunity for almost all sectors. Asia has the highest cloud value potential—about $1.3 trillion by 2030.


How to bridge the gap to zero emissions

It’s not realistic to expect that all mining and other heavy-duty industrial vehicles can be fitted with electric power units immediately. So what happens in the meantime? This article lists the measures that can be taken to make off-highway vehicles more sustainable in the short term. 


Swell news for green energy

“Virtual power plants” (VPPs) are seen as a renewable energy option that can help keep power grids stable by taking energy from solar panels and other residential energy equipment. US firm Swell Energy, one of the main VPP providers, has just announced it has raised $120 million to further its programs. If the model is a success it could pave the way for similar VPP schemes around the world. 


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