Noise control solutions for all forms of transportation

Transportation noise control is an issue to be considered across all forms of transport, from road and rail to marine and aviation.

During the initial design phase of any major transportation project the impact and implementation of noise control solutions is an essential part of the planning stages. Noise generated from traffic on new roads will lead to the use of road noise barriers whereas tunnels provide several issues to consider from ventilation systems, fire and safety systems to protected access for maintenance and emergency staff. Generators and machinery must be kept to certain levels to protect workers and members of the public and to keep the planning permission committees happy and on-side. To learn more about IAC Transportation noise control solutions please click here

Technical analysis is required to provide crucial data to model acoustic performance while informing the impact of any/all noise control solutions. These data driven insights help inform cost effective solutions and ensure the correct method can be implemented from the start as retrofitting a solution whilst always possible may not be the budget friendly option. To learn more about the tools used by IAC Acoustics please click here

Our solutions for mode of transport noise control ranges from off-highway large vehicles for mining and transportation, rail, and marine.  Some of the world’s largest brands, Government and Military rely on IAC Acoustics to deliver noise, ventilation, and exhaust treatment solutions, safely, effectively and with performance guaranteed.

Please feel free to contact us today, if you would like further information on our transportation noise control solutions.




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