Solutions for Managing Aircraft Jet Blast Protection

Aircraft noise is one of the most significant causes of adverse community reaction related to the operation of airports. It is also a major concern for the health and safety of airfield and ground crew working in and around the aircraft and facilities. For obvious reasons this is not an issue that can ever be completely eliminated, however there are many options available to manage environmental noise levels for residents and the safety of employees – reducing overall the number of people negatively affected by significant aircraft noise.


Jet Blast Deflectors are used to control the impact of aircraft jet wake airflow during airfield manoeuvres and some ground run-ups.  They provide protection for infrastructure, personnel and vehicles, by diverting and reducing the impact of jet engine blast or wake. Jet blast deflectors help control the velocity and direction of jet engine efflux and are available in a range of designs to suit different airfield scenarios, including options for noise control.  Design is dependent on the engine configuration, available space and the operating requirements of the airport. Even the smallest airfields can benefit from the protection provided by jet blast deflectors where the limited space can cause its own health and safety concerns – maximising the efficient movement of aircraft and available space is vital for airport revenue.


Aircraft engine maintenance testing is a major source of noise emission and the solution for this is to reduce the impact by containing as much of the noise as possible. Ground run-up enclosures (GRE) are a high performance aerodynamically designed partial acoustic enclosure or barrier system. Used for first engine runs after manufacture or for post maintenance testing, they provide aero acoustic noise mitigation whilst also providing protection from the jet blast via the rear wall. Crucial to the design is to maximise the aero acoustic performance and enhance the crosswind and tailwind operation – therefore increasing the availability of run-up time and operational flexibility.




IAC Acoustics has a long standing history in global aviation and aero acoustic markets, working with some of the world’s leading aero engine manufacturers and airlines to deliver high performance jet blast protection safety systems for over 70 years.  We always look forward to undertaking new challenges on existing or new airfield designs – please get in touch for any specification or technical advice.


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