Tunnel Ventilation Attenuation Designs

Tunnel ventilation attenuation is an essential part of any tunnel system and absolutely crucial for operational performance, safety and environmental concerns. Incorporating this critical element within the initial design prevents increases in project cost and time versus retro-fitting a solution for the inevitable problems. Tunnels produce a unique and challenging environment of high pressure, unique airflow and contain corrosive vehicle exhaust which are all dealt with by the correct use of attenuation systems specifically designed for tunnel ventilation.

IAC utilises two main designs of tunnel attenuation, a Parallel Interlocking Attenuator and Box Type Attenuators. Both systems are custom designed for accurate on-site installation with minimal parts required. Parallel Interlocking Attenuators are constructed with a tongue and grove fixing system to aid simple installation within confined tunnel spaces and Box Type Attenuators are prefabricated modular sections facilitating a rapid install schedule.

IAC Acoustics was commissioned to deliver tunnel attenuators for the WestConnex M4 East project Parramatta Road and Underwood Road ventilation facilities – exhaust fan intake and discharge. The attenuator splitter and casing designs needed to meet the unique operating requirements for the ventilation facility – minimising pressure losses and peak shut-off pressure loading conditions during a fire event.

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