Power Generation Noise Control

Power generation noise control solutions are a vital part of power infrastructure, whatever the source technology. The need for power generation facilities and processes continues to grow exponentially as our power consumption increases – our reliance on technology and data is fuelled by power to data centres and even our drive to recycle and convert waste to energy needs power for processing.

Through more efficient and environmentally sustainable power generation facilities, such as cogeneration energy through local Combined Heat & Power [CHP] plants, we can utilise a more efficient conversion of heat and power, while also offering large scale commercial or industrial facilities access to off-grid power.  These facilities will typically be supported by diesel or gas prime source engines, or gas turbines, with specific noise control, exhaust and filtration treatment requirements.

Whatever the mix of power generation sources and environmental noise control requirements, we are able to provide a customised noise mitigation strategy and implementation plan to a wide spectrum of market sectors, through a broad range of noise control products and packaged solutions.

Our Markets

Standby & Continuous

Packaged noise control solutions for containment, absorption, ventilation and exhaust treatments, across diesel and gas reciprocating engines and gas turbines


Combined Heat & Power facilities noise control treatment for prime mover engines, exhausts, pumps, compressors and vent systems


Mining & Rail

Noise control, engine and exhaust solutions for heavy industrial mining equipment, facilities and industrial rail transport systems



Exhaust and vent treatments, including purification systems, providing turnkey packaged solutions for noise sources in the civil and military marine sectors

Standby & Continuous Power

IAC Acoustics provides noise control solutions for reciprocating diesel and gas engines. Whether installed as a standby system or as part of an internal or external continuous power source, we guarantee to meet the acoustic specification;

  • Exhaust silencers
  • Standalone and integrated spark-arrestors & catalysts
  • Heat-recovery silencers
  • Intake ducting and attenuators
  • Exhaust bellows, piping, flanges, gaskets and thimbles
  • Acoustic enclosures and canopies
  • Vibration isolated and shock resistant systems
  • Soundproofed combustion air inlets  & filtration
  • Soundproofed ventilation for cooling engine mechanics
  • Soundproofed exhaust systems
  • Easy access for operators and maintenance
  • External storage for environmental & fuel requirements
  • Integrated fire safety systems

Through effective engineering, experience and a comprehensive product portfolio, IAC Acoustics turnkey packages for noise control deliver guaranteed performance every time.  From  acoustic structure through to safety systems, ventilation, exhaust gas management and onward to project installation and handover, we are the power noise control partners you can trust.

Cogeneration CHP

Cogeneration or Combined Heat & Power [CHP] facilities are commonly found across all these typical large site infrastructure applications.  Cogeneration of heat and power is more efficient and cost effective than grid power and boiler heating, while providing off-grid energy resilience.

We package a complex mix of product integrations for CHP installations, including the following elements;

  • Acoustic panels, supporting structures, ventilation and exhaust systems.
  • Noise reduction ratings from 15 to 50 dBA
  • Indoor or outdoor modular solutions
  • Integration of lighting, ventilation, fire systems, instruments, pipes and AC
  • Package with air inlet and outlet for ventilation
  • Exhaust integration
  • Acoustic doors and windows

CHP installations with prime mover gas or diesel engines usually operate continuously at approximately 80-90dB(A).  Additionally intermittent noise sources such as vents, pumps and compressors can provide noise output spikes. It is therefore imperative  a noise control strategy is in place for planning and development consent.


IAC Acoustics rail traction projects and capabilities cover a wide range of noise control and ventilation system components, which combined provide an effective single-source package:

  • Exhaust systems for diesel traction engines and generators
  • High performance silencers, bellows & ducting
  • Exhaust filters and catalytic purifiers
  • Resilient mounting and supports
  • Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets
  • Air inlet silencers & storm louvers
  • Air inlet filtration & ducting
  • Engine compartment acoustic treatment

Using 3D software and calling upon many years complex high performance silencer design experience, we are able to maximise the available space to fit high performance noise control and engine treatment solutions into restrictive spaces.


IAC Acoustics provides a comprehensive single source solutions from investigation, analysis and specification, through to the design, manufacture and installation of noise control products:

  • Noise treatment of OEM equipment to meet mine specifications
  • Design, testing and investigation
  • Attenuators
  • Exhaust systems
  • Acoustic panels
  • Acoustic lining
  • Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets

We are trusted by some of the worlds leading OEM mining equipment manufacturers to design and specify noise control equipment for direct implementation at factory origin or at site.  Our knowledge of OEM machinery and extensive database means we are able to supply quick turnaround replacement kits for parts such as exhaust systems, attenuators and Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets.


IAC Acoustics provides dry and wet marine exhausts for shipboard diesel generators and propulsion diesel engines.  Through products such as the rainmaker water injectors, exhaust gasses can be cooled faster than conventional injectors – this allows the injector to be installed closer to temperature sensitive marine exhaust components, like silicone hump hoses or valves.

Our major customers include military, fast ferries, super yachts and commercial shipping, utilising a range of solutions from our portfolio:

  • Wet & dry silencers
  • Rainmaker & conventional water injectors
  • Water separators
  • Expansion bellows
  • Wet & dry ducting from stainless steel or GRP
  • Resilient mounting and supports
  • Exhaust filters and catalytic purifiers
  • Thermowrap thermal insulation
  • Air inlet silencers
  • Total gas turbine marine exhaust and air intake systems

Our 3D modelling, clash detection and experience in developing exhaust and engine solutions in a range of markets enables us to deliver complex high performance noise control solutions to small and confined spaces.

Noise Control Products & Solutions

Our Engineers, Project Management team and site personnel, through a collaborative approach, will provide you with solutions for the most challenging installations. We have a wealth of experience that encompasses installations carried out within the most difficult of circumstances and with little margin for error.

IAC Acoustics supply and install both in-ground and above ground bulk fuel storage and associated pipework. Our Engineers can assist with tank and piping design so that space on site is optimised. Our factory is fully equipped to cope with pipe-bending, welding, metal fabrication and assembly so that on-site fabrication is minimised.

Engine exhaust silencers from IAC reduce engine exhaust noise from all types of internal combustion engines including petrol, diesel or gas. Our exhaust silencers have many key characteristics and attributes including specific applications and are made of a diverse range of materials.

IAC Acoustics provide a complete solution to all ventilation requirements for enclosed diesel generator sets including attenuators, acoustic louvres, dampers, ducting and fans. These products serve the purpose of ensuring the correct level of ventilation is achieved, whilst minimising the effect of noise in areas adjacent to the plant room. In addition to the acoustic requirements a suitable level of filtration is provided, ensuring the air entering the combustion chamber is a clean as possible.

IAC Acoustics provide enclosures that provide a number of benefits and key features which include, vibration isolation, air inlet drive for combustions, exhaust gas removal, indoor or outdoor application integrated lighting and fire systems, modular solutions, easy access for operators and maintenance and a full installation service.

IAC Acoustics Purifiers employ catalyst elements to provide the exhaust purification solution for your diesel or CNG engines. With increasing demand for environmental regulations for the equipment used in industry, IAC Acoustics helps its customers with its unique catalytic converter based solutions that not only meet strict requirements but also keep their engines in service, reliably and cost-effectively.

Our prime mover engine noise control solutions provide you with a comprehensive turnkey solution, covering air intakes, exhaust gases, acoustic enclosures, ventilation, cooling and full M&E fit-out.

Gas turbines require a comprehensive engineered noise control solution to be balanced with significant air intake and filtration package.  Our experience with some of the worlds leading gas turbine manufacturers includes solutions for air intake and exhaust systems, acoustic enclosures, venting, balance of plant and a full turnkey project delivery.

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Power Generation Projects

We are here to support consultants, specifiers, engineers and customers to deliver high quality effective noise control solutions to all forms of noise source within the power generation and distribution sectors.  We have the knowledge, experience and resources to support you, ensuring our mutual end client meets and exceeds its noise mitigation specifications and compliance with health & safety, planning and environmental requirements.  We believe in long-term sustainable relationships – we build these through trust, our working practices and the ongoing delivery of high quality and high performance noise control projects.

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