Exhaust Silencers and Purifiers

Controlling noise pollution from engine exhausts is a challenge for all organisations in the power generation market. It is essential that diesel and gas engine applications have the required noise control measures in place that ensures the facility meets with the relevant noise specification for health & Safety and the environment.  IAC Acoustics is the global market leader in noise control engineering and is one of the premier manufacturers of engine exhaust system silencers. We have developed a range of absorptive and reactive engine silencers to satisfy most applications within the power generation sector:

  • Absorptive silencer: 15dB(A) to 25dB(A)
  • Reactive silencer: 30dB(A) to 50dB(A)

Our supplementary ranger of exhaust purifier systems complements our exhaust silencer range, ensuring we can provide a single exhaust noise control packaged solution for your power generation activities. We have a comprehensive range of solutions for diesel and gas prime engines and gas turbines.

Diesel Exhaust Silencers

A key element of a complete noise control packaged solution for power generation activities, via diesel or gas engine gensets, is the treatment of exhaust gases. Without effective exhaust gas treatment, the overall noise control design won’t be effective in reaching the client specification.  Equally as important is the careful venting and potential after-treatment of these gases in order to move them away from the engine intake ventilation system and from human consumption.  In order to protect employees from excessive plant noise and to comply with statutory regulations, installing diesel exhaust silencers or diesel generator silencer will support the delivery of an effective noise control solution, eliminate noise-induced hearing damage of personnel and prevent wider environmental noise issues.

Noise reduction can be attained using two principles of design specification – a reactive silencer affects noise reduction through reflecting and interfering with the transition of sound waves through the silencer.  An absorptive silencer affects broadband noise by using an absorptive acoustic infill design and provides a low pressure drop.






Typical performance characteristics and options include:

  • Performance range 10-50 dB(A)
  • Skin temperature reduction
  • Cylindrical, box and other shapes available
  • Catalytic silencers
  • Spark arrestors
  • Variable configurations of inlet and outlet position
  • Horizontal or vertical applications
  • Wide range of accessories and installation components



Key Features

Engine exhaust silencers from IAC Acoustics reduce engine exhaust noise from all types of internal combustion engines including petrol, diesel or gas. Our diesel exhaust silencers have the following key characteristics and attributes:

  • Specific applications: co-generation, marine, rail, power generation (standby and prime power)
  • Circular, rectangular, or oval design
  • Diverse material types to suit application
  • Radial or axial intakes
  • To satisfy the current environmental requirement, all silencers can be supplied with catalysts or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems
  • Standard and Bespoke Engine Exhaust Silencers

In addition to our range, IAC also offer special or tailor made silencers to suit customer specific requirements.

Our standard diesel exhaust silencers are available in stock and offer a noise reduction of 15dB(A) to 50dB(A) using single units. However, if a greater noise reduction is required then this is possible by the use of multi-stage units.

A full accessory range of flanges, bellows, elbows, gaskets, nuts/bolts are available to compliment the silencer range. Other options include:

  • The ability to integrate catalytic converters into the engine silencers
  • Spark-arrestors are also available and can be supplied separately or integrated in silencers

We provide exhaust silencer noise control solutions to a wide range of sectors and disciplines. Working with consulting engineers from design and specification through to contractors and clients for project implementation – we commonly deliver diesel exhaust silencer systems to the power and process sectors;

Diesel Reciprocating Engines

CHP Plants

Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Gas Reciprocating Engines

Waste to Energy



Oil and Gas

Cival & Military

UPS Installations

Typical application of exhaust silencers for reciprocating engines means our products have a working temperature range of up to 450°c and approximately 5000Pa pressure level.  For operation at higher temperatures an expansion system is required to absorb system and component movement.

We recommend our range of anti-vibration mounts between the engine enclosure and silencer support structure, to minimise structural vibration and improve overall attenuation performance.

Our diesel exhaust silencers can be selected to a wide range of applications across reciprocating engines and other noise sources. Noise level targets are typically at a specified distance from the silencer and are dependent on the;

  • Mass Flow rate
  • Residual Noise Level
  • Pressure Drop
  • Skin Temperature


Due to the many variables and the complexity of silencer sizing, selection, and design, computer optimisation methods are employed. The size is generally dictated by required noise reduction and allowable pressure drop.

Silencer components are generally constructed from carbon steel. However, they may be constructed from other materials to meet specific design or application requirements such as high temperature or corrosive environments

Materials such as stainless steel and corten steel can be specified in the initial project discovery phase.

Optional Design Features

We have a wide range of add-on options and components to complement and complete you exhaust silencer configuration or project installation.  Please consult with our of our specification team to learn more – we can deliver you a turn-key project solution which integrates a full noise control enclosure or treatment package, supplemented by a complete exhaust silencer configuration:

  • Catalyst
  • Integrated spark arrestors
  • Special outdoor protection (metal spray)
  • Other material (stainless steel, corten steel)
  • Flanges, counter-flanges, gaskets, bolts
  • Supports







Exhaust Silencer Solutions

IAC Acoustics extensive in-house engineering, manufacturing, and test facilities ensure that both the mechanical and acoustic design is optimised for any application.  Our diesel generator silencers or exhaust silencers can be customised in order to suit a wide variety of projects.  With high performance installations across multiple sector applications, our products are trusted to deliver effective noise control, integration into the wider system of application and guarantee long-term durability.

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Exhaust Purifiers

Diesel particulate emissions are major contributors to smog over modern cities. Particulates have also proven to be associated with a range of health effects from exacerbation of asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms to retarded lung development. Our exhaust purifiers will reduce or eliminate particulate emissions, available in new installations or as retrofit which remains a viable and cost effective solution.

Inhalation of Carbon Monoxide emissions from diesel engines can be fatally dangerous in tunnels, enclosed spaces or places with poor ventilation. Carbon Monoxide is odourless and colourless. This means that CO concentration levels can increase to dangerous levels without detection. Our purifiers reduce or eliminate the emission levels of CO for diesel, bio-diesel or natural gas engines.

Not all diesel catalysts are equal – you must use the correct exhaust purifier from a recognised company in these situations. Ask for performance data.

Our exhaust purifiers provide a comprehensive and effective solution for your diesel or CNG engines. With increasing demand for environmental and OH&S regulations for the equipment used in industry, we help support your power generation projects with our unique catalytic converter based solutions – helping you meet these legal requirements and also keeping engines and vehicles in service, reliably and cost-effectively.

IAC Acoustics exhaust purifiers are typically constructed using a coated substrate and a stainless steel housing.  The coated substrate is provided by DCL a global leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of advanced emission control systems for stationary and mobile internal combustion engines.  We fabricate the housings using high grade stainless steel, for ceramic substrates the housing design accommodates the different rates of thermal expansion, to eliminate failures due to thermal stress. Our exhaust purifiers products can be incorporated into different designs as required.

By utilising IAC Acoustics exhaust purifiers as part of your exhaust noise control packaged solution, you can remove dangerous and offensive gasses from the exhaust while maintaining guaranteed acoustic performance. More specifically they all remove carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions helping you meet your legal environmental and safety requirements.

Power Generation Acoustic Solutions

IAC Acoustics offers a comprehensive packaged turnkey solution for power generation requirements across a multitude of market sector applications and prime mover noise sources.  We compliment this by incorporating exhaust purification, SCR, DPF and catalyst systems which form part of our key deliverable noise control package and guarantee.  By partnering with IAC Acoustics to deliver your noise control power project solution, our Sales, Engineering and Operations teams provide a full turn-key solution and performance guarantee covering all areas of the project life-cycle:

  • CAD & 3D Modelling
  • Acoustic engineering & analysis
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Acoustic absorptive treatments
  • Ventilation systems including attenuators and louvres
  • Acoustically matched access panels, hatches and personnel doors
  • Large maintenance access for prime movers
  • Exhaust silencer systems
  • Exhaust purifier and filtration systems
  • Total turnkey installation
  • Testing, commissioning and handover
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