Anechoic Chambers Recalibration

ISO 3745 recommends that Anechoic Chambers are recalibrated every 5 years. Are you confident your test facility still complies with current standards?

The last two decades have seen an explosion in acoustic testing by automotive manufacturers, component suppliers, engineering institutions and educational organisations together with a rapid growth in the construction of new acoustic test facilities.

Many older facilities have become tired and may contain materials that are now considered unsuitable and hazardous. IAC Acoustics can provide your facility with a much needed upgrade complying with current ISO standards and utilising state of the art robust materials and technology. All IAC products such as acoustic doors, windows and attenuators are rigorously tested and the new materials permit “corporate styling” and high aesthetics to suit each customers’ individual requirements.  Typical scope of  refurbishment and upgrade projects includes:

– Survey and design
– Existing chamber strip-out
– Replacement wedges
– Replacement doors
– Replacement ventilation
– Replacement lighting and electrics

Before and After

Contact IAC Acoustics today for a recalibration service and if required partial or complete refurbishment to ensure your facility continues to perform and look as good as new…

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