Powertrain Anechoic Chambers

Powertrain testing is typically carried out inside a hemi-anechoic chamber to ensure high acoustic absorbency. A typical layout for powertrain test cells is with 2 or 4 independent dynamometers sitting outside of the test chamber, leaving only the engine and gearbox inside the hemi-anechoic room. IAC powertrain chambers allow functional testing of various powertrain and transmission types in a virtual vehicle environment.

  • Acoustic and vibration performance (acceleration, deceleration)
  • Optimisation of the powertrain and driveline components (engine accessories, shafts, intake system)
  • Base calibration of control units (ECU, TCU etc.) to improve the NVH performance


The flexible design of IAC powertrain test cells allow the installation of various transmission types:


  • Manual transmission
  • Automatic transmission
  • CVT transmission
  • Automated transmission
  • Dual clutch transmission
  • Hybrid transmission


The aim of this test rig is to perform tests on FWD, RWD or AWD Power Train systems for NVH R&D purposes.

Driveline Chambers

Driveline chambers are similar to powertrain test cells, except they have no acoustic treatment.

Driveline chambers typically measure engine performance such as economy, timing, pressures and power.

As no acoustic measurements are taken in this type of chamber, there is usually no need for acoustic linings to the inner walls. The exception to this may be if there are other acoustic-sensitive tests going on in adjacent rooms.

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