Large Steel Acoustic Doors

Thousands of Super Noise-Lock® acoustic doors have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world. Typical applications include hotels, theatres, film studios, nightclubs, data centres, museums, test cells, laboratories, plant rooms, and power stations —in fact virtually any situation where sound must be contained within or excluded from a room or building.

Engineered and Factory Assembled Advantages

IAC Acoustics produces an engineered system — factory assembled complete with a leaf, Z-frame, seals, hinges and hardware. All doors are pre-hung (size permitting) for operational alignment, fit and finish before shipping. We have many years of Super Noise-Lock® door field data taken from many recognised brands in order to guarantee installed performance.

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Standard Super Noise-Lock® Product Range:

  • Single leaf
  • Double leaf
  • Fire rated
  • Hatches
  • Up to 50 m2 double doors
  • Pass or access doors within main leaf
  • Actuators and door stops for safety control
  • Robust enough to accept additional surface finishes / cladding
  • R’w50dB to R’w55dB

IAC Acoustics noise-lock acoustic door

Typical Applications

  • Theatres
  • Arts Centres
  • Test Cells
  • TV Studios
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Pumping Stations


  • Engine Plants
  • F1 Test Cells
  • R&D Centres
  • Test Authorities
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Arenas
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