Factory Noise Control

The protection of people from noise is an increasingly important responsibility in all areas of life.  In industrial and manufacturing environments the legislation and monitoring of noise and its impact on personnel and on the local environment is becoming ever more stringent.

The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 provides protection limits for workers and actively looks to mitigate risk of potential hearing loss.  Environmental planning and monitoring continues to address the impacts of noise on wider communities.

Hodgson Acoustics has significant experience in the industrial sector.  Our solutions for factory noise control have benefitted employees and organisations throughout the UK, improving legislative compliance and personal wellbeing.

We have a wide range of solutions available to support your factory noise control requirements.  Our in-house design, engineering, acoustic and manufacturing teams are ready to develop and implement effective noise reduction solutions which match both your business needs, alongside your budget and programme.

Factory Noise Sources and Solutions

Acoustic Products and Factory Noise Control Solutions

Steel or timber construction acoustic doors to suit a wide range of industrial applications for personnel and large oversize doors. Hinged, sliding or vertical lift door options can be selected to manage the combination of acoustic specification, with space and access needs.

Additional options include a wide selection of hardware and access control options, vision panels and automation.  Acoustic louvres doors can also be provided where ventilation and airflow is required, while maintaining acoustic performance.

Steel, aluminium or timber construction acoustic windows are available either installed as part of an acoustic enclosure package, or as products to treat the internal or external areas of an industrial building envelope.

Applications range from large glazed screens or partitions, eg. mezzanine floor to
ground floor observation galleries, to primary and secondary glazing installations for external break-out noise control.

Acoustic louvres are available as doors, panels, or freestanding screens and barriers.  The aerodynamic acoustic design permits air to flow, whilst shielding the environment from unwanted noise. In all metal construction with options for galvanised mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, long-life durability and performance is guaranteed.

Aerofoil or linear blade designs ensure low pressure drop performance and include underside perforated absorptive surfaces for maximum sound absorption. Weather stop protection is induced and options such as bird guards, insect screens and a broad range of finishes are available.  Finish examples include Syntha Pulvin, polyester powder coat and vinyl coated steel.

Where industrial equipment is treated with an enclosed noise containment solution, it is vital to maintain correct ventilation whilst preventing noise breakout. Various systems can be offered, from simple acoustic ductwork and baffles to high performing splitter attenuator systems which can be “tuned” to counter specific dominant frequencies.

These are commonly specified with acoustic louvres, absorptive room linings, fire and gas retention dampers, exhaust gas silencers and acoustic and fire doors.  They also form part of the packaged solution for both drop-over acoustic canopy and enclosure systems.

It is not always possible to fully enclose a noise source due to ventilation or access requirements.  Freestanding acoustic screens, either louvred or absorptive, typically surround external compressors or chiller plants. Internally, close fitting acoustic screens can help reduce noise levels for adjacent production areas and operatives.

Full height acoustic screens can effectively partition off a noisy machine or process from which noise is being emitted to a wider area. These can incorporate large areas of vision panels, access doors and removable sections for maintenance.  They can also provide for full ventilation air intake and exhaust facilities, if the manufacturing process requires cooling.

Our acoustic enclosures range from large freestanding enclosures surrounding noisy machines or processes to smaller, close fitting enclosures for pumps, fans and compressors.  You can view typical modular enclosure solution builds by following these links.  We also offer a structural build canopy system facilitating drop over installation

Acoustic enclosures are designed and engineered depending upon the client’s requirement – from modular acoustic panel systems incorporating a range of standard panels, doors and windows, to one piece structural canopy enclosures with access panels, dropped over machinery or equipment.

Operational control systems, interlocks and safety controls can be incorporated with access doors and panels so the enclosure effectively forms part of any operational safety requirements. Further customisation is available, either by material, e.g. stainless steel finish, or personalisation via paint finish and branding.

Absorptive freestanding barriers are designed to your environmental installation, accounting for wind loading, long term external durability and structural support requirements.  Prefabricated modular construction of single or dual sided absorptive barriers removes site welding requirements and provides rapid installation.

Reflective cladding panels are also available which compliment existing walls or barrier installations.  These modular systems offer significant absorption, reducing reflected sound and overall environmental noise impact.

Sound Havens can be tailored to suit the needs of the industrial environment and personnel.  In some factory or production environments it is not always possible or practical to contain noise at source via acoustic enclosures or screens.

Sound havens offer enclosed respite or operations areas for operatives to retreat into, helping reduce their noise dose and achieve compliance with Noise at Work 2005 regulations.  Size and scope can be tailored from small operative cabins in production zones with enhanced viewing windows, through to larger respite break areas adjacent to main production zones.  Solutions can be built in modular format on site or dropped in as assembled units and include options for ventilation systems.

Autonomous control rooms for production plants and manufacturing equipment can be acoustically isolated in sound havens.  These offer an environment of reduced noise levels with ventilation and temperature control systems. Larger installations can be subdivided into a number of work spaces and often incorporate a large proportion of vision panels.

Acoustic enclosure systems consisting of panels, absorption, doors, windows and ventilation can be engineered to form test cells for all types of equipment.  Stand-alone full enclosure systems can be single or multiple configurations with accompanying control rooms.  Container type systems can be linked to form test cells and control rooms which can be relocated for flexible installations.

For the conversion of existing buildings, we can acoustically line existing blockwork type constructions to reduce noise reverberation within the space.  This can be supplemented with the provision of acoustic doors and windows with specialist ventilation / cooling systems incorporated as necessary.

This can create a cost-effective test cell by utilising existing space or rooms within an industrial facility, maximising efficiency and assets.

With a range of durable steel absorptive panels we can provide environmental acoustic treatment to increase absorption and reduce reverberation.  This provides a lower noise level throughout the facility and is generally recognised to enhance personal effectiveness and comfort.

Optimum absorption is calculated based on existing reverberant field an the criteria to be achieved.  A combination of wall and ceiling treatments would be implemented. Melinex linings prevent contamination and the panels are robust in construction for cleaning and industrial applications.

Operable hanging hygienic ceiling baffles systems are also available.  These demountable panels are stainless steel framed and available in finishes which suit either low contamination levels in dry/semi-wet environments or high contamination where plastic surface finishes allow for wet cleaning.

Access Line is a machine soundproofing enclosure system, incorporating a robust framework with removable panels and access doors.  Access Line systems provide a highly effective noise control enclosure which typically provides 20-35 dB(A) reduction and quick installation.

It’s structural simplicity and stability enables the system to be easily modified to meet future expansion or development of the enclosed equipment.  This system can incorporate a wide variety of supporting industrial services.

The Access Line System

The Access Line System is especially suitable where easy disassembly and access to the encapsulated noise source is required. Available in various designs and finishes such as galvanized, stainless steel or painted finish. The entire enclosure, or parts of it, can be dismantled without loosening any bolts and screws.

The Access Line System is made up of columns and wall and roof panels, which are mounted in a bottom rail and a top rail. The elements are demountable, made of 1.25 – 1.5 mm steel plate and provided with absorption fitted with perforated plate on the back. This protects the absorption from bumps and mechanical impact.

Noise Control Data

  • Standard version incl. doors, windows with one layer of glass and pipe penetrations. 15 – 20 dB (A)
  • Standard version with few doors etc. and very careful adjustments. 20 – 22 dB (A)
  • Version with double plate, extra strong doors and 2 layers of glass. 25 – 30 dB (A)



Flexible Structure – The panels can change location, be dismantled or rebuilt as desired.

Easy Access – The enclosure can be provided with doors, hatches and windows, which are placed exactly where the need is. Often the panels are used as an access door, as they are easy to dismantle.

Easy to Disassemble – All wall and roof panels and secondary profiles can be removed without the use of tools. Flat weight approx. 18 kg/m².

Pipe Bushings – Normally performed during installation. This work must be done very carefully, as it has a great influence on the achievable damping.


Used for encapsulation of machines where there is a requirement for quick access – eg. in the case of error production or supply of raw materials. Also used where there is a desire that all (or parts of) the enclosure can be quickly removed – typically within 10-30 minutes – e.g. for service and repair work.

Ventilation and Cooling

The enclosure can be equipped with sound locks and mechanical ventilation and also air condition if required.

Stand-by Generator - Drop-over Acoustic Enclosure

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Developing Your Solution

We appreciate that the complexities of factory noise control and industrial acoustics can be challenging.  That’s why we have a full team of professional sales engineers and acousticians, working alongside design and manufacturing teams, to provide you with a full turnkey service for factory noise control as a single solution provider.

Our team will lead you through the project process, identifying through our noise mitigation plan steps the best solution that meets your business and safety needs;

– Close-fitting Solutions – control at source, protect the operator

– Reverberation Control – treat the internal environment

– Building Envelope – mitigate noise break-out to the external environment

Your personalised noise mitigation plan will consider best practice and best solution relative to the welfare of your team, noise at work compliance, your budget and your working practices.  We work with you to ensure you have clarity and insight into the recommended solution options, to manage your industrial or factory noise control problems.

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