Clean-Flow Rectangular Attenuators

Clean-Flow Quiet-Duct® attenuators from IAC Acoustics provide superior low frequency attenuation for air handling systems requiring a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene. The non-erosive, non-pregnable features of this range make them an ideal solution for hospital, laboratory, and clean-room type applications.

These silencers are advantageous where low frequency Dynamic Insertion Loss (DIL) requirements are high. The acoustic fill is totally encapsulated within the silencer to prevent erosion or entrainment of particulate. A honeycomb acoustic standoff provides additional protection and performance.

Linings on the fill material guard against erosion of particulate matter in the airstream. Specific internal construction features protect the lining against chafing or premature failure and are necessary to maintain the rated aero-acoustic performance.

Characteristics of IAC Clean-Flow Quiet-Duct® Attenuators

IAC has been manufacturing Clean-Flow attenuators for many years, installing hundreds of units each year. IAC is the only company in the world that manufactures and sells Clean-Flow attenuators. The design of the Clean-Flow Quiet Duct® silencers is suitable for air handling systems requiring the ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene. These duct silencers have the following key characteristics:

  • Cleaning – The benefit of IAC’s Clean-Flow Quiet-Duct® attenuator is that the non-removable fill permits periodic cleaning of exposed surfaces with a soft brush vacuum cleaner.
  • The Clean-Flow attenuators are available in an extensive range of RAL colours for Polyester Powder Coating.

Applications for Clean-Flow Quiet-Duct® Attenuators

Clean-Flow Quiet-Duct® silencers are suitable for many different applications that include:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Surgical operating suites
  • Recovery rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Airborne pollution research
  • Test rooms
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