Standard Audiometric Booths

All IAC audiometric booths are constructed using Moduline®, an integrated system of laboratory and field tested components – including wall and roof panel, structurally isolated floors, acoustic doors, acoustic windows and silenced ventilation systems, The system offers many key advantages over traditional building materials:

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance and compliance with all leading industry standards, including HTM 2045 / ISO 8253
  • Clean, rapid installation, keeps building time and mess/disruption to an absolute minimum
  • Strong, lightweight structures are approximately 1/3 the weight of conventional structures of the same acoustic performance
  • Rooms can be dismantled and moved to a different location at low cost and with no loss in acoustic performance

IAC modular audiology booths are available in a wide range of sizes and can be furnished to suit individual requirements.

The range of booths available are:

The 40A Series Audiometric Booth

The IAC 40a Series is a range of, compact single walled booths for multiple or single occupancy. The IAC 40a series booths are constructed from 102mm thick acoustic modular panels and offer a fitting environment for a whole range of audiological investigations and measurements.

The 120A Series Audiometric Booth

The IAC 120a Series is a standard double-wall audiology booth with a structurally isolated inner room, offering a high level of attenuation for particularly noisy environments.

The Tetra Booth

The Tetra Booth is designed to offer a suitable environment for hearing testing, examination and research while the unique shape makes this booth ideal for projects where space is at a premium.

The Act Series Audiology Suites

The act Series is a range of audiometric suites incorporating examination rooms with an adjoining, acoustically isolated control room. IAC offers four standard configurations offering varying levels of acoustic performance as well as sizes to suit any application.

Over 50 years experience in manufacturing and installing audiology rooms has given IAC the ability to provide the best possible facilities in both aesthetics and performance. Please refer to the IAC datasheets below to view further details and all sizes/configurations available.

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