Thermowrap - Thermal Insulation Blankets

IAC Acoustics Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets are custom manufactured using layered fibreglass materials to provide exceptional heat and noise control at temperatures to 1200°C. Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets will withstand intense vibration and is the solution for traditional block type insulation requiring upgrade or replacement.

Thermowrap patterns are created and plotted digitally in-house by our engineering team. We have a huge database and historical project reference library of digital patterns, ensuring we have a solution to insulate your equipment, or for custom builds a base library for further modification and enhancement.  Our digital design an build process enables us to develop an increase in pattern accuracy and consistency of  fit and finish in the final product.

In areas or rooms containing engine components, prime movers and industrial exhaust systems, the safety of operational personnel is paramount to any business.  We help you mitigate and manage these safety issues – heat and component temperature changes through operation are the main risk to personnel.  Similarly although not through physical contact, noise and vibration control are secondary factors which can improve workplace safety and environmental conditions for personnel, helping you meet stringent noise control safety standards.


Market Applications

Power Generation

Thermal insulation treatment of exhausts and engines components of prime mover diesel or gas generators

Marine Transport

Safety and protection of crew during operation of high temperature engine systems in confined spaces

Mining Equipment

Thermal and acoustic protection to engine compartment linings for applications across a wide range of mining equipment and vehicles


Thermowrap insulation systems for a broad range of heat source protection requirements for industrial process, conversion and manufacturing

  • Insulation medium – 100% glass fibre
  • Temperature Limit – 1200°C
  • Weight (approximate) – 5 kg/m2
  • Blankets of varying thickness
  • Custom design & manufacture
  • 150°C – 0.039 Watts/mK
  • 260°C – 0.059 Watts/mK
  • 1370°C – 0.075 Watts/mK
  • Thermal insulation blankets can lower touch temperatures to 60°C and allow routine maintenance without shut down
  • Asbestos free
  • Non-respirable materials
  • Vibration resistant
  • Personal protection
  • Removable & reusable
  • Excellent vibration resistance

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Whether in any of our typical market sector applications across Industrial, Mining, Marine, or Power, our thermal insulation blanks and wraps provide a vital safety function for the well-being of personnel.  This is complimented by a wider safety consideration of managing equipment or facilities safely, effectively and at the optimised operating temperature.

Invariably prime mover equipment, engines or exhaust systems are located in relatively confined spaces, e.g. ships engine room or mining facility.  Unprotected equipment can radiate significant heat, IAC Acoustics Thermowrap provides safe working equipment range up to 1200°C.  Aside from the protection of personnel, the temperature control prevents overheating in the surrounding space or facilities ambient temperature.  The onward benefit of this is to the safety systems such as fire suppression and early warning alarm systems, which can operate in their standard working temperature range without having to be upgraded to high specification models.

Noise Control

Within the typical confined spaces of Thermowrap thermal insulation blanket installations, noise reduction for the safety of personnel and operating environment is also of paramount performance.  IAC Acoustics Thermorwap is specifically design with acoustic performance in mind – the material properties selected are targeted with a combination of heat suppression and noise reduction properties.

When combined with our other acoustic solutions, such as exhaust gas silencers or acoustic enclosures for diesel gensets, Thermowrap’s custom designed noise and heat reduction system enables the effective packaging of a single source solution.  Acoustic standards are becoming more stringent for the protection of personnel.  In the case of Mining or Power standards are based around personnel, via Government health and safety standards. In the case of the wider environment standards are monitored by the EPA.

The IMO I817E Code for Noise Aboard Ships, considers noise levels on board ships has been developed to provide international standards for protection against noise under the provisions of regulation II-1/3-12 of the SOLAS Convention. The Code, adopted by resolution MSC.337(91).  It recognizes the need to establish mandatory noise level limits for machinery spaces, control rooms, workshops, accommodation and other spaces on board ships, since July 2014.

In the case of mining operational acoustics, the Department of Mining & Petroleum provides further insight and control standards to both personnel and environmental impacts.

Emission Control

Our experience in the Power sector with noise control solution to power generation sources, such as diesel generators, provides us with extensive technical understanding of the systems and emission control technologies such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reducers), IAC-Kat purifiers and catalytic converters require high exhaust heat for effective and efficient operational process – heat loss from the system can inhibit performance and overall efficiency.

By combining IAC Acoustics thermal insulation blankets as part of the wider system configuration of noise control solutions and exhaust silencers, heat retention optimises system performance an helps our clients maintain emission standards and strict monitoring compliance


IAC Acoustics Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets are custom designed to your exact project and system configuration.  This ensures the most efficient design and use of materials, while also ensuring that access for service and maintenance is of prime consideration.  We work with you to develop the specification and solution – by listening and understanding our requirements for not only the technical specification, but also your operational requirements, we can ensure flexibility of design.

Ongoing service and maintenance is made much easier with IAC’s Thermowrap – the removable protective products ensure you have ongoing access readily available to key areas of the system, rather than removing and installing new hard insulation treatments.  The detailed computer designed and configured Thermowrap is also guaranteed to be as easily re-fitted once maintenance is complete, ensuring your have efficient operational work activities and minimising any system downtime.

-Flexible Joints

-Flexible Connections

Standard options available or can be designed and manufactured to client custom specification

-Exhaust Pipes

-Expansion Joints

Key safety area for Thermowrap treatment along with Turbo Chargers – common point of ignition in engine fires caused by hydraulic or fuel leaks. Hundreds of major brand engine patterns available from our database, e.g. CAT, Cummins, Detroit, MTW, Volvo


-Turbine Cases

Key safety area for Thermowrap treatment along with Engine Manifolds – common point of ignition in engine fires caused by hydraulic or fuel leaks. Hundreds of Turbo Cover patterns in our database ranging from small 3 cylinder engines to Gas Turbines, with variable specifications available

– Full Engine Configuration

Custom design and manufacture to suit any engine application from mining, marine, rail, plant rooms and complete exhaust systems – assuring complete coverage of all hot-spots for safety and performance purposes

-Exhaust Gas Boilers

Expansions Bellows to protect hydraulic arms from rigorous environment typical of mining sites – made to order with templates supplied by IAC Acoustics

Thermowrap Insulation Solutions

IAC Acoustics range of high performance thermal insulation blankets provide protection to equipment and personal across a wide range of market sectors and applications.  The custom design and manufacture capabilities means we can always provide an effective solution for any project.  Our extensive database and experience of key supply chain partner to a number of blue-chip clients also means we have a huge range of templates and designs to retro-fit and replace in-field requirements.  We are the main supplier of  Thermowrap blankets to a number of brands, in particular specialising in Power, Industrial, Mining and Marine applications.  We provide solutions to underground equipment used in North & West Connex (All Trucks and Telehandlers) and custom solutions to prestige luxury yachts and vessels, alongside some of our other key clients:

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