Mining Noise Control Solutions

Mining noise control of above ground equipment requires specific identification and quantification of noise sources. IAC Acoustics through a variety of techniques including acoustic camera modelling and analysis, can compile a comprehensive noise mitigation strategy for a wide range of OEM mining equipment.  Whether for new site development as part of the effective planning strategy, or as retro-fit solutions and mitigating actions for existing equipment and facilities – we have the experience and knowledge of mining and OEM equipment to guarantee noise control performance.

Or solutions range from simple secondary silencers or engine compartment lining, through to holistic solutions for individual machinery, whether as part of OEM machinery at manufacture, or for on-site replacement parts.  We have a huge database of noise control solutions and thermowrap insulation blanket designs for mining equipment configurations across all types of above ground equipment currently in use in Australia’s mining sector.

We are also able to offer completely customised solutions tailored to specific noise source requirements or environmental impact concerns – with over 75 years experience in noise control solutions globally, we have the knowledge and experience, including in-house R&D facilities, to ensure high performance noise control solutions deliver to specification for every project.

Typical Product Solutions

IAC’s mining projects and capabilities are generally focused on:

  • Noise treatment of OEM equipment to meet mine specifications
  • Design, testing and investigation
  • Attenuators
  • Exhaust systems
  • Acoustic panels
  • Acoustic lining
  • Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets

We provide a comprehensive single source solutions from investigation, analysis and specification, through to the design, manufacture and installation of noise control products.

IAC Acoustics is trusted by some of the worlds leading OEM mining equipment manufacturers to design and specify noise control equipment for direct implementation at factory origin or at site.  Our knowledge of OEM machinery and extensive database means we are able to supply quick turnaround replacement kits for parts such as exhaust systems, attenuators, mining truck attenuation kits and Thermowrap thermal insulation blankets.

– Highly maintainable design

– Long lasting design with resistance to fibre migration

– Tuned to achieve noise target levels

– Design mufflers to fit within difficult space envelopes

– Internally lined double skin pipework system

– Lightweight lift-off panel system

– Acoustic Curtain Blankets

Product Specification

IAC Acoustics mining noise control solutions are proven with effective performance on the most noise restrictive mines in Australia. e.g. Bengalla, Mount Arthur Coal Mines.  Our solutions are trusted by both mine operators and equipment providers – our guaranteed acoustic performance ensures equipment solutions and projects are delivered on-time and effectively.  We help mines throughout Australia minimise equipment downtime and reduce conflict and risk for mine operators with environmental monitoring and impact assessments.

Please enquire today – we would be happy to provide general advice on options for your specific mining application from our large database of noise control solutions for mining equipment, or develop an enhanced noise mitigation plan with you for a broader strategy:


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