Industrial Noise Control

Commercial and industrial organisations must utilise a wide range of products and noise control solutions to comply with health and safety legislation and eliminate noise pollution from their manufacturing and industrial facilities. This requires analysis and interpretation across multiple noise sources – both internally around the noise source components themselves to protect staff and maintenance crews, and externally to reduce the noise pollution to the wider environment.


The focus inside a building is typically to reduce either the noise source level and/or reverberation time in the wider space. Ventilated enclosures and canopies are an acoustic solution to treat the noise at source and reduce the amount of noise output to adjacent areas. Generators, pumps, chiller systems and compressors can produce high levels of noise and by encasing that equipment this solution can be effective for equipment located both internally and externally. Acoustic walls, doors and windows provide the main frame and structure with access.  Acoustic ventilation systems are incorporated to maintain equipment performance and acoustic integrity, while hatches and removable acoustic panels are used to maintain access for servicing and repairs.


Reverberation is caused by a sound generated in an enclosed space echoing from solid surfaces such as walls and floors. The time that this echo takes to fade once the noise source has stopped as it is absorbed by its surroundings is the reverberation time. Sound absorption panels which attach to existing walls or which can be suspended from the ceiling to semi or fully enclose an area provide an effective way to reduce the reverberation time and create an acoustically softer environment for staff and employees.


Once you reach the outside surroundings of an industrial building any noise pollution still emanating can be dealt with using high-performance acoustic barriers. These barriers are highly effective for a range of industries including but not limited to transport, mechanical and manufacturing plants and even sporting facilities. When constructed and located correctly they are durable and can even be aesthetically pleasing to blend in with their local environment or provide a canvas to brighten up bland surroundings. IAC offers three main options of acoustic barrier, absorptive free-standing barriers, reflective cladding panels and louvred screens.


Absorptive free-standing panels reduce sound transmission and are light and easier to install than traditional concrete barriers whilst lasting far longer than wooden alternatives. The steel and aluminium construction is designed to withstand substantial wind loads, be weather resistant and is guaranteed not to rust. Sound absorptive on one or both sides, making it a natural roadside noise barrier to protect communities from roads and railways.


Cladding panels attach to existing walls and barriers to boost the noise reducing properties of these existing structures. This therefore provides versatility in application and a remarkably simple installation process. Laboratory tested acoustic barrier solutions from IAC Acoustics provides a proven certified sound transmission loss rating.


Louvred screens are often used for plant and chiller compounds to combat the difficulty presented when a noise reduction solution is required but air flow must be permitted through the barrier for cooling or exhaust purposes. The angled louvre screens deflect and dissipate the noise away from receptive areas and still allow the free passing of air to the required areas to maintain the effectiveness of the cooling or ventilation systems. Fully customisable in size and shape with a wide range of finishes a louvre screen can both blend and be an aesthetic addition whilst providing an excellent noise reduction solution.  


IAC Acoustics has a wide range of noise control solutions for industrial noise mitigation across a wide range of sector applications – if you would like to learn more or have a project to discuss we would be pleased to discuss further with you.


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Sales Director
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