Case study: how IAC’s soundproof testing booths are helping protect workers in the mining industry

In the mining industry, noise pollution is a significant concern that can affect workers’ long-term health. Coal Services, a trusted health and safety organisation in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, recognises the importance of addressing these risks. They’ve recently partnered with Sonova Australia and IAC Acoustics to provide soundproof testing booths for their workers, and in this article, we’ll look at how IAC’s 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter helps Coal Services safeguard the health and safety of workers in the NSW coal mining industry.


Tackling noise control in the mining industry

Noise pollution in mining can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, and other health problems, including stress and high blood pressure. Coal Services is committed to creating a safe workplace and a healthy workforce by identifying, assessing, and monitoring these risks. The 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter plays a crucial role in this effort, providing a controlled environment for accurate hearing screening tests.


Meeting the demands of mining environments

Mining sites are filled with the roar of heavy equipment and the constant hum of underground activity. In this challenging setting, having a reliable soundproof solution for conducting precise hearing tests is vital. IAC Acoustics’ 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter offers a quiet, controlled space for hearing screenings. It’s simple to put together and can be easily adjusted to fit into different testing locations throughout the mining site.


How the 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter benefits Coal Services

The 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter allows Coal Services to perform hearing tests without the disruptive noises that are often found in mining sites. This allows for greater accuracy, so they can better assess their workers’ hearing health. What’s more, the sound shelter has a comfortable interior, complete with lighting and ventilation — the latter of which is especially important in the NSW summer. 


The Impact of IAC’s soundproof booths on worker protection

IAC Acoustics’ soundproof booths not only enable Coal Services to carry out precise hearing tests but also help maintain a comprehensive health and safety program. By identifying workers with hearing impairments or those at risk, Coal Services can take the necessary steps to protect their health. This includes providing appropriate hearing protection, modifying workstations or equipment, and offering specialised training.

In short, IAC Acoustics’ 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter has become Coal Services’ go-to tool in their mission to protect the health and safety of workers in the NSW coal mining industry. If you’d like to know more about our noise-control solutions for mining or other industrial settings, get in touch today.

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