How IAC Acoustics is improving patient care at Sydney’s Ear Nose and Throat Centre

In healthcare, ensuring optimal patient outcomes is critical — and that’s an area where IAC Acoustics has been playing a key role. We recently teamed up with the Sydney Centre for Ear, Nose & Throat (SCENT) to enhance their patient care using the 350 Series Maxi Sound Shelter. 

Let’s see how this partnership is helping them deliver better patient experiences.


About the Sydney Centre for ENT

Sydney Centre for ENT is a leading healthcare provider specialising in ear, nose, and throat services. Their team of specialists is committed to providing top-tier care for patients suffering from a range of conditions, from hearing loss to tinnitus, eardrum perforations and blocked ears. And whether they’re treating children or adults, hearing tests are a key part of the process. 


Addressing common ear conditions

The expert team at the Sydney Centre for ENT specialises in diagnosing and treating a range of common ear conditions, including:


Ear Infections: often affecting children, these infections can cause pain, inflammation, and even temporary hearing loss. 

Ménière’s Disease: this condition affects the inner ear and includes symptoms such as vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, and a sensation of fullness in the affected ear. 

Tinnitus: this is when patients hear ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears, and can be triggered by exposure to loud noises, age-related hearing loss, or underlying medical conditions.

Hearing Loss: can be caused by a range of factors including ageing, noise exposure, genetic predisposition, or certain medical conditions. Treatment options range from hearing aids and assistive devices to surgical procedures, depending on the specific cause and severity.


Regular hearing tests play a vital role in the management and treatment of these conditions. They allow healthcare professionals to monitor changes in patients’ hearing, identify potential issues early on, and design personalised treatment plans accordingly.


The Maxi Sound Shelter: a game-changer in patient care

In a bustling ENT clinic, managing sound is crucial. Once they were set up with our Maxi Sound Shelter 350 model, the Sydney Centre for ENT could perform hearing tests without disruptive background noises. This means more accurate results, enabling the team to assess their patients’ hearing health better. 

The shelter is supplied in kit form, but it’s easy to assemble. What’s more, it comes with castors, so once it’s built, it’s easy to move. Inside, the shelter is well-lit and ventilated so patients are made to feel comfortable during tests.


Improving lives one sound at a time

With the Maxi Sound Shelter, the Sydney Centre for ENT’s staff are able to identify hearing impairments accurately and early, and can guide their patients to the right course of treatment quicker. This partnership with IAC Acoustics is more than just a business transaction — it’s a commitment to delivering the best possible care for patients, one sound at a time.


If you’d like to know more about our noise-control solutions for the healthcare industry, get in touch today.

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