IAC Acoustic Door projects

It’s challenging to meet the specific performance aspects of noise control while delivering the envisaged aesthetic of the building envelope and architectural design intent.  Key architectural elements for building envelope finishes include acoustic doors and louvres, and here at IAC we can custom design and manufacture to suit specific applications. Our solutions combat environmental noise problems in industrial or mixed commercial use and residential areas. 

IAC Acoustics supply to many sectors and industries, but typical applications include hospitals, commercial buildings, broadcast studios, nightclubs, theaters, laboratories, data centres, plant rooms, and power stations. We deliver solutions to virtually any situation where it is required to contain or exclude noise from a room or building.

In this article we will take a look at three of our latest projects featuring high performance acoustic doors;.


Multiple door installation at Arts Centre

Geelong Arts Centre was established in 1981 and is a hub for arts experiences in the Geelong and G21 Region. The arts centre boasts multiple theatres, studios and creative spaces and welcomes 180, 000 visitors and 15,000 artists.

They recently underwent some development which included several new performance venues, an improved box office and a spruce on the back-of-house and administration facilities. According to the team, the renovations will make the arts centre “the jewel of Geelong’s Cultural district when complete.”

Working with head contractors Lendlease, IAC Acoustics was tasked to supply seven large acoustic doors, a large sliding door with glazed panels for the Theatre, and the external large sliding door on the façade of the Theatre.


New Door for environmental regulator

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is an environmental regulator for New South Wales, who work with businesses, government and the community to prevent environmental degradation and reduce pollution.

IAC Acoustics worked in partnership with long-time customer, Interior Fitout Group (Alexandria, NSW) and were appointed to install a door for EPA’s new ‘Noise Analysis Room’, situated at their new offices at Parramatta square, Western Sydney.

The project called for a Noise-Lock D-50 door [Rw50dB]. We have installed over one million Noise-Lock acoustic doorsets throughout the world in industrial and commercial buildings. These doors are soundproof and suited to virtually any noise reduction situation where sound must be contained within or excluded from a room or building.



Another door project at a Football Club

The Sydney Swans is a professional football club in Sydney, New South Wales, with an origin tracing back to 1873. When they reached out for a soundproof door for an auditorium, at their new training and development centre in the historic Royal Hall of Industries building at Moore Park, we stepped up to the challenge.

This project also called for a Noise-Lock D-50 double door [Rw50dB], with a digital access control function for security.


Here at IAC we work with our customers to identify what is required from their doors. Each project has to be carefully considered and requires a more detailed analysis, as our doorsets are engineered and manufactured to offer different performance levels across frequency bands.

With a wide range of polyester powder coat paint finishes and customisation options, we can guarantee acoustic performance alongside an aesthetic finish, which meets and exceeds the specification and architectural intent.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help support you with your next project.

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