Luxury Car Manufacturer’s Challenge

IAC were approached by a luxury German car manufacturer to provide a noise control solution for an external car ramp outside their premier West London car show room. The show room is adjacent to a large area of housing – the manufacturer wanted to reduce the noise level during vehicle manoeuvres around the site and up the access ramp to the main showroom.  IAC Acoustics developed a custom designed barrier solution for the steep loading ramp, which offered an aesthetic finish in line with their sites architectural design, while treating the noise problem effectively.

Sound absorbing Varitone VT-4 100mm thick panels we used to create an absorptive structural and acoustic barrier on the ramp. Structural rigidity and performance was essential considering the ramps height and the value of the cars using it.  The Varitone panels are very durable due to their rigid steel construction which surrounds its absorbent acoustic core, which includes a weather proof finishing treatment. The Varitone panels were effective in absorbing vehicle noise, protecting nearby residents and ensuring strong community relationships and well-being continued.

IAC Acoustics has lead the market in the development of innovative acoustic structures and absorption systems for over 70 years to a wide range of sectors including industrial and automotive.  Our wide range of noise control solutions enables us to solve in-field noise control challenges with a range successfully laboratory tested and certified products.

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Sales Director
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