Mining Noise Control

Mining can be a hazardous business; entire landscapes are altered to extract resources which requires a huge amount of investment, preparation and regulation. Monitoring and reducing mining noise is essential to ensure worker safety and to meet regulatory planning measures, while effectively helping protect and manage investment risk.

Actively reducing noise levels to manage prolonged exposure ensures mining worker safety for those who spend months at a time on-site. Multiple high level noise sources mean that noise induced hearing loss represents a significant risk to personnel. Noise control is also necessary to help build and maintain a healthy public relationship by reducing the wider environmental noise impact where possible.

Noise from a wide range of surface mining equipment that is often used in pit and quarry operations such as drills, front-end loaders, scrapers and graders, is similar to the earth moving and construction industry. Noise levels range from 93db – 106db and specific identification and quantification of the noise sources is required to design and manage effective noise control solutions.

IAC Acoustics focus on noise treatment of OEM equipment through design, testing, and investigation, either pre or post manufacture. Ventilation and cooling attenuation with engine exhaust systems are applied directly on mining equipment. Acoustic panels, absorption lining and thermal insulation blankets for engine compartments improve noise control and benefit equipment operating efficiency and safe working practices. Noise control barriers are also highly effective in reducing environmental noise pollution to wider site perimeters. Other noise control scenarios may include acoustic enclosures and exhaust systems to standby or continuous power generation noise sources, such as diesel or gas gensets.

IAC uses a wide range of techniques including acoustic camera modelling and analysis of all current onsite OEM mining equipment to produce a comprehensive noise mitigation strategy. Our historical database of mining facilities can also be used in the pre-planning stage to implement a fully effective and customised approach to a brand-new site or piece of equipment. This insight and strategy to implement a guaranteed noise control solution for machine noise sources and personnel safety can form an integral part of planning consent.

IAC Acoustics have over 75 years of global experience in noise control solutions. Our knowledge and experience, including in-house research and development facilities, ensure that we can offer customised solutions tailored to specific noise source requirements in a wide range of industries. Our mining sector experience in Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe enables us to support you on a wide range of noise control requirements.



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