Mining, power generation and heavy industry news round-up: January 2023

At IAC we provide noise control solutions across a range of sectors, including the mining and power generation industries, and so we like to keep an eye on the latest developments in those areas. 

Here are some of the news stories that caught our eye over the last month, including positive developments in offshore wind, renewable energy and low emissions transportation…


Aussie Takeover To Recharge Brit Battery Plant

Australian firm Recharge Industries has been named the preferred bidder to buy UK-based battery recycling company Britishvolt, which collapsed last month. The plan is to revive the business’s £3.8bn ($4.7bn) plant, which is considered critical to the UK’s shift from internal combustion engines to zero-emission EVs. Recharge industries are also pursuing a project to build a facility in Geelong, Australia.

World’s First 16 Megawatt Wind Farm Underway

A Chinese company has started construction on the first wind farm in the world to feature 16 megawatt wind turbines. The project, initiated by China Three Gorges Corporation, is expected to save 500,000 tons of standard coal and reduce CO2 emissions by 1.36 million tons per year — proving that China is a leader when it comes to wind power generation. CTG’s 16 MW wind turbine boasts the largest single capacity rotor diameter (252m) and the lightest weight per MW in the world, with a single unit capable of generating 66 GWh of clean electricity per year.

Batteries Definitely Included In Australia’s Industrial Future 

The Australian government is seeking input on its National Battery Strategy, which aims to leverage the country’s position as a mining and minerals hub. The strategy will outline how to build scale and competitiveness in the sector, and use Australia’s natural resources for key battery materials. 

Is This Engine Set To Clean Up Aussie Industry?

The BBC has reported on the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) new hybrid engine that may help to decarbonise some of Australia’s heaviest industries. It can run off a hydrogen-diesel mix and engineers at UNSW believe that diesel trucks and power equipment in the mining, transportation, and agriculture sectors could be retrofitted with the new hybrid system in just a couple of months. The UNSW hopes its new engine will become a commercial product within two years.

Keep On Truckin’ (With Lower Emissions)!

Big Rigs report that Canadian hydrogen trucking company, Hydra Energy, have started building the world’s largest hydrogen refuelling station for heavy-duty trucks in Western Canada, with plans to expand to Australia and the US. They offer a free hydrogen-diesel co-combustion conversion kit for Class 8 trucks, reducing emissions by up to 40%, as well as free H2 fuelling infrastructure and even a licensing model for organizations looking to monetize hydrogen.


IAC provides engineered noise control solutions across the power, mining, industrial and data centre sectors. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business.

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