The Growing Demand for Audiology: Why It’s Happening and How We’re Adapting

In our rapidly changing world, the field of audiology is experiencing unprecedented growth. As the demand for hearing solutions rises due to an ageing population and noisy environments, we’re also witnessing a revolution in audiology technology. This blog explores why the need for audiology services is growing and how companies like IAC Acoustics Australia are rising to meet the challenge.

A surge in hearing loss

In 2023, we’re seeing incredible demand for audiology (the study of hearing and balance). More than ever, people worldwide need help with their hearing. The World Health Organisation estimates that about 466 million people globally are dealing with significant hearing loss. This isn’t just because we’re living longer — it’s also due to our increasingly noisy world. From loud music played through sophisticated headphones to power tools, everyday noises are taking a toll on our ears.

Hearing tech advancements

At the same time, the world of audiology is changing rapidly. We’re seeing some incredible technology that’s making a real difference for people with hearing loss. The latest hearing aids and cochlear implants have become very advanced. Some even use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the hearing capabilities of the people who use them. But, as with everything, there’s a downside to this swift progress.

As technology improves, we’re seeing more over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices. This is great for individuals with mild hearing loss, but not so great if people start to diagnose and treat themselves.

Navigating business challenges

On the business side, things are getting more complex too. There’s a system for recording medical procedures and services, called Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding. But it’s not always easy to use. For example, balance testing — an important part of audiology — only got the right CPT codes in 2021. This caused a lot of confusion and mistakes in billing.

How IAC is helping

Companies like IAC Acoustics Australia are stepping up to the plate to help. IAC makes high-tech soundbooths where audiology tests are carried out. They’re built to provide the best possible environment for these tests. But we also know how quickly things can change in audiology. That’s why our booths can be quickly set up, moved, and changed to fit the needs of different practices, without any loss in quality.

Looking to the future

The future of audiology is looking bright. More and more people need audiology services, and the field is innovating to meet the demand. Technology is advancing, and companies like IAC are creating products that can change and grow with the field. Even with the challenges we’re facing, we’re moving forward and making a real difference for people with hearing loss.


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