Thermowrap Blankets

Thermowrap or Thermal Insulation Blankets can be utilised across a wide variety of markets and industries from power generation and industrial facilities to marine transport and mining equipment. Areas or rooms containing engine components or exhaust systems produce significant heat – variable changes in temperature create safety risks for operators and personnel.

Engines and exhaust systems are invariably found in small, confined spaces and reduction in heat is vital not only for the protection of personnel, but also to reduce the overheating of the components themselves.  Their radiating heat can affect operational performance and other adjacent machinery.  Thermowrap provides protection against these risks whilst also providing insulation against noise and vibration to assist in reaching noise control safety standards. 

Reduction in surrounding temperature also provides safety systems to operate as intended without expensive modifications to allow for operation in much hotter environments. Fire suppression and warning alarm systems can therefore operate in their standard working temperature ranges, providing the protection required for both personnel and the operating machinery. 

IAC Acoustics Thermowrap blanket systems are custom manufactured with layered fibreglass, providing protection against temperatures of up to 1200°C and are also designed to withstand intense vibrations. Digitally plotted by an in-house engineering team all patterns are stored on a database with a reference library of patterns past and present to ensure solutions for future modification and enhancement. Digital design also provides a precise and exact fit for the final product. 

Ongoing service and maintenance is quick and efficient – as removable wraps, they allow for simple replacement without an expensive and time-consuming removal of hard installation or spray treatments. The required parts can simply be identified from the design library and constructed to replace the necessary section – significantly reducing any down-time or impact on operational productivity.  

IAC Acoustics are the main supplier of Thermowrap blankets to a number of brands, in particular specialising in Power, Industrial, Mining and Marine applications including Transport Sydney Ferries, Oil Search, Komatsu and Port Authority of New South Wales.


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