Tunnel Ventilation

Tunnel ventilation attenuation is a crucial element of any tunnel system and essential for operational performance, safety and environmental conditions.  Tunnel systems need effective acoustic attenuation in order to manage noise internally, and to mitigate external environmental impact.

The integration of tunnel ventilation attenuator systems is an important consideration during the initial design phase of any tunnel project – errors and omissions can lead to increase in project scope, variation and significant increased costs. IAC Acoustics is an expert manufacturer in practical and sustainable tunnel ventilation attenuation solutions. We offer a wide range of field-proven attenuator product configurations which enables our team of experts to engineer a turnkey project solution for you.

We cover all aspects and areas of your infrastructure project – from acoustic surveys, technical and structural design through to full project management, manufacture and installation.

Multiple aspects of tunnel design are driven by safety and environmental standards. Understanding these safety regulations and being able to provide a low impact solution is all part of the project evaluation stage. Using natural ventilation where possible, effective attenuation can potentially save significant mechanical ventilation and energy costs.

IAC Acoustics Australia offers specialist noise control solutions for a number of applications, including manufacturing, industrial equipment, power generation and power distribution. Contact us to find out more.

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