What Makes a High Performance Acoustic Doorset?

Product Range


There are a lot of technical considerations in the design, manufacture and installation of high performance acoustic doorsets with the acoustic range of Rw50dB to Rw63dB.

This begins with material selection for doorset fabrication, both internally and externally, relative to the performance target.  IAC Acoustics designs and manufactures steel acoustic doorset assemblies of various constructions.  To achieve the high levels of acoustic performance the doors are designed for, steel is the only viable choice for the door material.   Although timber may offer a simpler manufacturing process and therefore cheaper door, the lighter density means that the acoustic performance requirements cannot be met.


The internal construction of the acoustic door and how we mitigate potential noise and vibration transmission through the acoustically decoupled leaf and frame is a key factor in enabling us to reach the higher levels of soundproof doorset performance.  The acoustic infill is again selected to provide the best mix of sound absorption and low frequency mass.


However well designed and built the doorset assembly is, without proficient acoustic seal arrangements between the door leaf and frame, and the door leaf and threshold, the door simply will not perform.

We use custom designed and engineered cam-lift hinges combined with double or triple self-aligning magnetic acoustic seals around the jambs.  The cam-lift hinges provide a natural closing moment between the leaf and frame, ensuring acoustic seal engagement everytime.


The cam-lift hinges lift the leaf away from the threshold through its opening cycle, this distance prevents any catching or snagging on floor finishes.  The cam lift hinges lower the door leaf down onto the threshold as the door closes, this enables a robust acoustic seal to be achieved across the full width and depth of the leaf. Vitally this allows for a flat threshold.  IAC Acoustic soundproof doorsets have been developed specifically with a range of steel and door leaf thicknesses, twin or triple acoustic seal arrangements and flat threshold sealing arrangements for Equality Act [EA] 2010 combined with Building Regulations Part M and BS 8300.


All these elements combine to provide the best combination of acoustic doorset materials to deliver a guaranteed high performance soundproof door solution.  Additionally by combining approved and tested global brand door hardware and ironmongery options alongside design features such as matching acoustic vision panels, we can provide form and function to match any architect’s specification.  A summary of the soundproof doorset models;


Acoustic Door Performance Table


You can see more of our door design details and downloads here, or by discussing the technical specifications with one of our Door Team members.

Design Features



Through targeted product selection, the acoustic performance of the soundproof dooset assembly can be applied to suit specific applications, e.g. improved low frequency performance for a recording studio or concert venue, high frequency for electronics, or targeted full spectrum for test facilities.  Noise-Lock® soundproof doorsets are modular in design and therefore appearance, providing consistency across multiple applications through a single project building.  This is a vital design feature for architects and acousticians, combining confidence in guaranteed acoustics with high quality aesthetics, fit and finish.


A key consideration at this point is to ensure the construction of the host wall, room arrangements and associated acoustic elements are all harmonised in design with the proposed performance of the acoustic doorset.  Finishing with a precise frame and architrave assembly to the host wall is a further challenge considering the multitude of design options in modern construction.  Noise-Lock® soundproof door assemblies are available in a variety of installation design configurations.  The host wall will need to be of robust design to support the door weight and loading on opening, while being of suitable acoustic construction not to facilitate transmission through or provide flanking routes which will compromise the whole assembly. 


The acoustic octave band performance levels of IAC Acoustics Doorsets can be seen in more detail on our products pages for Noise-Lock® acoustic doors and Super Noise-Lock® acoustic doors and our Engineering and Door Teams will be happy to discuss any project specific needs for minimising sound transmission with you.  We also provide a matching range of Noise-Lock® acoustic windows or internal glazed screens.


Relative Noise Levels


IAC Acoustic soundproof doorsets are available in a multitude of design options and are targeted at noise control and noise mitigation at professional levels.  This includes single and double doorset assemblies, and even custom configurations such as hatches.  It is widely recognised that all doors have some degree of acoustic performance.  A typical domestic double glazed door will have an Rw30-35dB performance level.  A timber door with some basic draft or compression sealing arrangement will have similar performance, such as a door typically found in school classrooms.  These doors will always be a weakness in a wall partitions overall acoustic performance.


IAC Acoustics doorsets range operates in the upper performance categories, starting at Rw50dB upwards to Rw63dB and higher.  To give some indication of the scope of performance difference between a Rw35dB regular door and an IAC Acoustics Rw50dB acoustic door set – sound operates on a logarithmic scale, with 3dB increments indicating a doubling of the sound energy.  We only manufacture complete door leaf and frame assemblies for this reason – to guarantee the high level acoustic performance, fit and finish of a specified acoustic doorset for a specific client project.


Project Management & Installation


Successful high performance acoustic doorset projects depend on physical products and built environments as discussed, but also on experienced people.  The final element of any successful project is the management of the programme, delivery and installation – IAC Acoustics has a wide network of trained and experienced specialists to complete your acoustic door project. 


The professional handling of heavy leafs and frames, coupled with the requirements for precise acoustic sealing to the host wall and robust fixing arrangements is vital.  Whether acoustic doors are additionally specified as fire doors or just as standard soundproof doors, this provides the acoustic performance guarantee and product safety assurance for all parties.




Delivering over 1 million high performance acoustic doorset assemblies throughout our 70 year history has given us incredibly detailed insight and experience into acoustic doorset design and manufacture for noise reduction, with a huge variety of scope in projects and installations across many market sectors.  We continue to innovate to new performance standards and advance our acoustic single and double doorsets range, of which more news in the future.  In the meantime we look forward to hearing about your new acoustic door project specification requirements.


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