Vent Silencers

During the early design stage of power generation, gasification or process plants and facilities, the challenges of noise control can often be left as future issues to resolve post completion – in the belief that cost and the problem could be dealt with by retrofitting solutions such as acoustic barriers to counter any complaints from nearby residents. Whilst this approach lowers the upfront costs of a project it can be a high-risk approach as any retro-fit can provide many unforeseen acoustic and structural build difficulties, leading to rising costs after the initial construction.

One of the main sources of noise is usually caused by the various safety and control valves which open to vent steam, gas, or vapour. This produces high levels of noise which requires reduction to protect employees and to comply with noise level regulations. Vent silencers provide a solution, helping eliminate the risk of personal hearing damage and prevent noise breakout into the surrounding environment.

Vent silencers can be installed after any device acting as a link between the atmosphere and a container of gaseous fluids such as air, vapour, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen etc. The vent silencer also offers pressure relief for the system to maintain operation levels. Vent silencers are designed to be either reactive, absorptive or a combination of the two which allows for flexibility to be installed for a wide range of configurations and systems.  This enables their application across a wide range of markets to solve a multitude of venting noise related issues, typically providing reduction up to 75 dB(A).

Factors determining the required specifications include the flow rate, temperature, and the total pressure of the system. These factors also determine the positioning of the silencer from the noise source itself. These variables produce complicated noise control calculations and assessments, for which computer optimisation is employed for accurate and effective results. 

IAC Acoustics extensive in-house engineering, manufacturing, and testing facilities ensure that both the mechanical and acoustic design is optimised for any application.  Our Vent Silencers have been developed so that they are completely customisable to suit a wide variety of installations.  With installations across a wide variety of sector applications, IAC Acoustics vent silencers are trusted globally to deliver installed acoustic performance with high quality product performance and durability.


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